This document describes what to do manually if the script install-CPAN-modules does not work for some reason. And, except for the hint below, this is also a description of what install-CPAN-modules does.

CPAN is the Comprehensive Perl Archive Network at People who write Perl modules post their software there, so others can download it easily. But you don't need to go the website; just use the Perl cpan module (built in!), which will download and install the modules for you. Activate the cpan module shell with:

	shell# perl -MCPAN -e shell

If you are prompted for manual configuration, just say "no". You'll get a CPAN shell prompt. Type "install modulename" for each module to be installed, listed below. If you're ever asked to "follow dependancies and prepend them to the queue?", answer yes. Any other questions you're asked and are not sure of the answer, accept the default.

Hint: CPAN usually downloads from FTP sites, which often don't work due to overcrowding. You can configure the CPAN module to download via http. Follow the steps above for a first time installation, then edit the /usr/lib/perl5/5.x.0/CPAN/ file (substitute your perl version for the 'x'), and look for a line that begins with 'urllist'. Make it look exactly as:

	'urllist' => [q[]],

The CPAN module will then download packages directly from the CPAN web site. This works much better...

Once CPAN has been properly set up, you can then to proceed to install CPAN modules. For each of these packages, type 'install packagename' at the CPAN prompt.

Then type 'quit' when you're done to exit the CPAN installer.


  1. You CAN get and install them all with one command at the CPAN prompt, with this:
    	install Bundle::CPAN MP3::Info DBI DBD::mysql HTML::Template Time::HiRes Term::ReadKey
  2. When using the CPAN 'install packagename' functionality, sometimes a particular package will build correctly, but the tests it runs on itself fail. To get around this annoying problem, give 'force install packagename'.
  3. Heck, might as well force it from the start, right? :) Give this from the normal (non-CPAN) shell:
    	perl -MCPAN -e 'force install Bundle::CPAN ; force install MP3::Info ; force install DBI ; force install DBD::mysql ; force install HTML::Template ; force install Time::HiRes ; force install Term::ReadKey'